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Children’s Hope Residential Services, Inc. provides placement for abused and neglected children across the state of Texas. Abuse and neglect causes trauma that influences how these children cope with their environment. Add on top of the original trauma the fact that these children have been removed from their homes and you have a child who is hurting deep down inside. They are confused, lonely, scared, angry, and often feel misplaced guilt for their situation.

At Children’s Hope Residential Services, we believe that the wellbeing of the children in our community is everyone’s responsibility. Nowhere is that belief more evident than within our own halls. We value our children and it comes across in the service and dedication of our employees. If you ask our employees why they work at Children’s Hope, it isn’t for a paycheck or prestige. It is for the pure conviction that it is our responsibility to give our children 110%.

On May 8th, 2018 Children’s Hope attended an event hosted by TTU’s Master’s of Public Administration Program. The event was titled: “Saving the Texas Foster Care System: A Special Panel Event.” Panelists included Senator Charles Perry, Substance Abuse Prevention Professor George Comiskey, Lubbock County Republican Party precinct chair for Precinct 7-Michael Walton, Assistant Director of Finance and Grants at Garrison Institute on Aging-Kandi Quesada, State Representative Dustin Burrows, Chief Program Officer of CASA of the South Plains Lauren Westerberg, Executive Director of Sondra’s Song-Sandi Turner, and Child Abuse Pediatrician Patti Patterson.

There are many important reasons to why society needs to place more emphasis on safeguarding and educating our children. Children rely on adults for warmth, food, housing, primary socialization, safety. More than that, how we treat today's children will have a lasting effect on the character of tomorrow's leaders, business people, and policy makers. If human kind hopes for a positive future, they will have to provide a healthy environment for today's children. James Aldrich understands this need well. As CEO of Children's Hope Residential Services, he recognizes that, although children are incredibly resilient, they are sponges soaking up information and cues from their environment. 

At Children's Hope Residential Services, Volunteers and Mentors are MVPs. They provide resources to the staff and children that would otherwise not be available. Their enthusiasm and care are sources of comfort to everyone within their contact. For the children at Children's Hope, Volunteers and Mentors perform several important functions. They increase children's self-esteem, provide examples of positive relationships, and serve as all around role models. For some children, the mentor is the one person they call on a weekly basis to talk about their lives, challenges, and successes.