Nearly two months ago, the world all but shut down to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Stores, small businesses, and even places like dental offices were closed, and many employees

found themselves abruptly working from home or laid off while attempting to find a new normal.

Parents were suddenly teaching their children from home as schools closed for the remainder of

the academic year. Those who had to go in public were largely wearing gloves and masks and

maintaining a distance of six feet apart from those around them. In short, everything changed

and most everything was shut down or limited in their operations. This is not the case with

Children’s Hope and its residential treatment center as well as foster care. While the rest of the

world had to change what they were doing or stop it altogether, Children’s Hope, the foster care

system, and many other residential treatment centers continued to function in a way that would

maintain safety and some sense of normalcy for our children.


In the wake of the pandemic, Children’s Hope has continued to provide quality care and safety

to many children in Texas through foster care and a residential treatment center. The direct care

staff at the treatment center have continued to care for those who are on the premises. Foster

parents have continued to love and care for children in their homes. Case managers, foster

parents, counselors, support staff, and more have continued to work together to support these

children through a difficult and unprecedented time in our world. While there is no guide for how

to do these jobs during a global pandemic, they have done a fantastic job of continuing on with

parenting, counseling, supporting, and advising. They have continued on with their jobs to

ensure that the children are able to keep moving forward.


Children’s Hope is so thankful for the ways staff members and foster parents have stepped up

and made COVID-19 less intimidating and life changing for the children in their care. Thank you

for stepping up and making a strange time a little less uncertain for our kids.