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There are many services provided to ensure the children are taken care of and have the opportunity to function normally. Some of the skills taught or services provided might come as a surprise, however due to the severe neglect and abuse they have suffered, many of the children have not been taught event the simplest of things such as brushing their teeth and basic personal hygiene.


Children’s Hope now has three centers to provide residential services to the care and welding of abused and neglected children. Our centers can serve up to 108 children. The children residing with us are struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues related to abuse. These children receive 24-hour care by our professional staff of residential treatment providers, therapists, case managers, and administrative personnel. Mental health services are administered by an on-sight licensed professional counselor, as well as, intervention support.



Children’s Hope has served foster children and teens in Texas since 2002. Our mission is to facilitate hope and healing for abused and neglected children within Texas through the building of healthy, functional parenting and peer relationships. At Children’s Hope, we work in conjunction with foster families to rebuild trust within each child. By demonstrating Christ-like love and acceptance, the foster families offer unconditional love, respect, and value for each child. We currently have 14 Child Placement Agencies around Texas.

1. Abilene                                                   8. Greenville
2. Amarillo                                                 9. Houston
3. Arlington                                              10. Longview
4. Brownsville                                          11. Lubbock
5. Corpus Christi                                     12. McAllen
6. Dallas                                                    13. San Angelo
7. El Paso                                                  14. Sulphur Springs

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