We want you to get involved with us. There are many ways for you to Contribute and Get Involved.

Become a Foster Parent

You can help support a childs life by pledging to take care of them and showing them the love and compassion they need to grow and develop.

For information about becoming a foster parent, click here.


Volunteers can be very beneficial to our organization. To volunteer for our company you have to be at least 18 or accompanied by an adult. Volunteering helps our kids see that people care about them and how helping others is a crucial aspect of the community.

For more information about volunteering click here.


As a mentor, a child can count on you to come visit them, take them to their extracurricular activities and cheer them on, help them with school work, or just spend quality time listening and encouraging them.

For more information about becoming a mentor, click here.


Child Respite Provider

Children’s Hope is seeking individuals or couples who would be willing to provide short-term care and relief for a child and their primary caregivers. A Respite Home provider can help caregivers and children in situations including but are not limited too:

  • The child has recently been removed from their home and needs a place to stay until a Foster Family can be found.
  • A Foster Family must leave for a family emergency or situation and the child can not attend.
  • The child is in need of a place to stay due to being between a more permanent placement.
  • The child is visiting from out of town and is in need of a place to stay overnight while visiting with a sibling or relative.

Spiritual Support

At Children’s Hope, we want to provide care for our children through therapy, foster families, and spiritual support. Our Foster Families work with us to demonstrate a deathly child-adult relationship to our children. As a Spiritual Supporter, you can be that helping hand to both our children and foster families in times of growth and hardship. The follow suggestions are examples of how you can be a Spiritual Provider.

  • Pray for our children and Foster Parents daily.
  • Have a weekly check in with a foster family to provide encouragement and prayers.
  • Pray for a healing process of our children as they struggle to understand the trauma and the separation that has occurred.
  • Provide spiritual guidance to a child or Foster Family when you are asked.

Baby Sitter

Foster Parents spend a lot of time pouring into our kids, showing them love and acceptance in a difficult situation. Children’s Hope knows that it is important for our Foster Parents to nurture and care for their relationships so that they can be the best parents to our foster children. It is our wish that we can provide qualified babysitter to our Foster Parents for them to utilize when they need time to focus on their relationship. The following qualification are required to become a babysitter for Children’s Hope:

  • 21 years of age
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must be approved by Children’s Hope
  • Shows mature, trustworthy qualities 

Foster Family Driver

As a Foster Parent, you have to go to all medical appointments but what happens if it conflicts with another child’s soccer schedule? As a Foster Family Driver, you can be the one to take someone to their soccer practice, dance competition, piano lesson, or any other activity that their Foster Parent wouldn’t be able to take them too due to conflicting schedules.

Mentor Program

As a mentor, a child can count on you to come to visit them, take them to their extracurricular activities and cheer them on, help them with school work, or just spend quality time listening and encouraging them.
When a child has a mentor, they are:

  • 55% more likely to be enrolled in college
  • 52% less likely then their peers to skip a day of school
  • 46% less likely to start using drugs
  • 81% more likely to participate in sports and extra curricular activities
  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities
  • 130% more likely to hold a leadership position
  • 90% of child who were mentored, wish to become mentors in the future

Nutrition Nurturer

A home cooked meal can go such a long way to helping others feel loved by you. Please be a part of providing a hot meal, baked goods, or casserole in situations such as:

  • A busy Foster Family in need of a break from cooking once a week to enjoy eating dinner together as a family.
  • A Foster Family who has experienced a death in the family or who are busy with new arrivals to their family.
  • A volunteer or family member sitting in the hospital with a foster child.
  • A special event in a foster child’s life, such as a birthday or graduation.

Become a Foster Parent


Become a Mentor