What are the requirements to be a foster parent for Children's Hope CPA?

You have to be at least 25 years old. You must be either single or in a committed relationship (residing together for at least two years.) You must be able to meet your own financial needs without the use of foster care funds. Your home must pass a basic fire and health inspection. You must be able to read and write in either English or Spanish. You have to be able to pass both a criminal and a DFPS child abuse registry background check. You must have sufficient space for foster children.

Does it cost a lot of money to foster and/or adopt children through Children’s Hope?

No. Foster/Adoptive parents pay for their background checks, First Aid/CPR, TB tests, fire inspections, and health inspections. If a family successfully completes the verification process, they are reimbursed for these expenses. In the case of Adoption, CPS assumes the majority of the court-related costs in most of the adoption cases. It is not prohibitively expensive to adopt a child in CPS custody in the State of Texas.

Will Children’s Hope staff be in my home all of the time?

Children’s Hope staff will be in your home at least one time per month for every month you are verified as a foster parent. Many of these visits will be scheduled with you, but several each year will be on an unannounced basis. You are required to cooperate with these home visits in order to remain verified and in good standing with Children’s Hope Residential Services, Inc.

What types of foster children does Children’s Hope serve?

Children’s Hope CPA solely serves children in the conservatorship/custody of the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services. These children are in care due to having been abused and/or neglected in some way by their biological families or original caregivers. Many of these children have behavioral and/or development issues related to the trauma they suffered at the hands of their families of origin. Children’s Hope CPA does not typically serve seriously violent, dangerous, or self-injurious children. However, a child’s behavior can change with little notice, so Children’s Hope foster parents are trained to watch for signs of trauma-related behaviors in the children they care for.

Does it take a long time to get verified with Children’s Hope?

Applicant families control the length of time it takes to get verified with Children’s Hope CPA. Much of the verification process requires the applicant families to complete paperwork, provide documentation, participate in trainings and interviews, etc. If families are motivated to become verified, it is possible to complete this process in as little as sixty (60) days.

Is Children’s Hope CPA going to ask a lot of “nosy”, embarrassing questions about my family in order to verify me as a foster and/or adoptive parent?

Children’s Hope recruiters will discuss your childhood, your marriage(s), your child(ren), and other personal matters as part of the verification process. Many of these questions are required by the State of Texas. All applicants with Children’s Hope CPA must answer these questions openly and honestly in order to be verified as foster parents.

Will I have to fill out a lot of paperwork each month after I get verified?

Foster parents are required to complete foster parent notes, medication logs, incident reports, and provide medical/dental visit documentation to their Foster Care Specialists each month. These documents are mandatory and all applicant foster families should be prepared to cooperate with this process.

Does Children’s Hope CPA help CPS “Kinship” families become licensed foster parents?

Absolutely. All Children’s Hope CPA offices accept referrals from CPS to work with relative/kinship families in order to help these families become licensed foster and/or adoptive parents. Children’s Hope CPA is committed to helping the children placed in relative/kinship homes find permanency and a forever home. If you are a current CPS relative/kinship family who wishes to become licensed, please speak with your CPS Kinship worker about a possible referral to Children’s Hope.

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