At Children’s Hope Residential Services, we believe that the wellbeing of the children in our community is everyone’s responsibility. Nowhere is that belief more evident than within our own halls. We value our children and it comes across in the service and dedication of our employees. If you ask our employees why they work at Children’s Hope, it isn’t for a paycheck or prestige. It is for the pure conviction that it is our responsibility to give our children 110%.

The children that come to Children’s Hope Residential Services have suffered the traumas of abuse, neglect, and removal from their homes. We strive to provide them with a nurturing environment, rich in healthy relationships, and full of the types of experiences that every child covets. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our children experience all the nuances of being of child in today’s world, using technologies, going to movies, playing sports, visiting museums, swimming at the pool, getting a part-time job, etc… These experiences are pivotal in building character and learning to navigate across a wide array of social contexts.

Understanding the role each of use plays in raising our children and the importance of normal childhood activities leads many of Children’s Hope Residential Services employees and volunteers to go above and beyond what is expected. That is certainly what happened when a young teen had the opportunity to attend a school formal. She desperately wanted to go to her school dance but did not have a dress or shoes to wear to the function. With less than a week before the dance, 3 employees and fourth volunteer with daughters of their own had donated gowns for the girl to wear. A fifth employee provided a pair of new pumps for the girls and she was ready for the dance.

The donation of supplies, clothing, and necessary services is not out of character for Children’s Hope Residential Services employees and supporters. They understand the that each child is an important member of our society in their own right. It is our job to prepare them for the future in whatever unique role they choose to take.  As the old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and at Children’s Hope Residential Services our village serves proudly.