Anyone who has ever hosted a holiday knows that it takes many hands and lots of help. From buying and wrapping gifts to cooking, buying groceries, cleaning the house, and coordinating the day; it is practically impossible to single handedly pull off a holiday gathering. At Children’s Hope/Grace Manor, the holidays are no different. It takes lots of volunteers, help, and donations to make the holidays a success. This year, we have a special thank you to give to HEB and United Supermarkets in Lubbock.


HEB and United Supermarkets Corporate donated gift cards in the amounts of $750 and $100 respectfully to Children’s Hope/Grace Manor to help us pull off a wonderful holiday season for clients as well as their misplaced families. There is no place like home for the holidays, but for those who are unable to be there, we wanted to do our best to make it a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. From buying groceries for holiday meals to the Target $100 gift card that has helped with extra Christmas items such as decorations and gifts, Children’s Hope/Grace Manor and our clients have been greatly blessed by the generosity of HEB and United Supermarkets Corporate as well as Target this holiday season. Our goal is always to help our clients heal, and a big part of this is having healthy relationships and building wonderful memories with their loved ones. Thanks to the generosity of United Supermarkets and HEB, we were able to make this happen with joy.


Children’s Hope/Grace Manor would like to thank HEB and United Supermarkets again for their generosity and kindness this holiday season. We are so grateful for the ways you have blessed us and our clients as we head into the new year!