When someone is going through a personal crisis, the most wonderful thing a community can do is step up and offer support, whether that be physical, emotional, or otherwise. In the case of recovering from and overcoming substance abuse and addiction, individuals especially need a supportive community around them as well as a safe, healthy, and loving place to begin their recovery. Grace Manor is Children’s Hope’s residence for adults recovering from substance abuse and addiction, and thanks to generous partners on the South Plains who have gone above and beyond, Grace Manor is becoming an even more encouraging and uplifting place for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.


The Hope for Recovery Furniture Drive through Ashley Furniture benefits Grace Manor. Because Children’s Hope and Grace Manor are a 501c3 non-profit organization, the outpouring of resources from locals in the community is vital to the programs they offer. Ashley Furniture Home Store is donating an interior design plan to Grace Manor that covers interior design, tables and chairs, sofas, and more to ensure that Grace Manor is a peaceful, calming, and homey place where individuals who are recovering from substance abuse issues can experience comfort.  This interior design donation is of paramount importance for the treatment facility in that fact that it will allow clients to experience the comfort of a more tranquil atmosphere while dealing with the substance abuse recovery process.

Children’s Hope and Grace Manor are also exceedingly grateful for the Art Department at South Plains College, specifically art professor and local artist Kristie Kristinek. She has donated her time and talents to painting beautiful and inspirational messages for the female and male in-patient rooms at Grace Manor. Pictures can be seen below. The fact that clients are able to see such beautiful and uplifting messages each day helps them in their recovery. It is vital that Children’s Hope/Grace Manor receive support from local partners like Ashley Furniture and Kristie who are so willing and generous with their resources and abilities.

Community support keeps Children’s Hope and Grace Manor able to provide resources and treatment to adults and teens struggling with substance abuse issues. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at https://childrenhp.org/contact-us/