Donations have been coming through our doors for our kids.Children’s Hope Director of Development Daniel Alvarado has created a program called Spare The Change. Donors participate through an ‘online garage sale’ hosted on Facebook with the items that aren’t being utilized either because they are too big of size or the items aren’t suitable for our children’s needs. Anahis Mariñelarena originally of Bovina, Texas now lives in Lubbock, Texas heard of our program through her good friend Amy Montemayor who grew up in Olton, Texas and now of reside in Bovina, Texas with her four kids Ezara, Eann, Elyn, Evan and her husband Eric Montemayor, originally from Hart, Texas.

Amy hurried to be the first to want the poster but could not make the commute to the Heart of the South Plains. They both communicated and agreed Anahis would be picking up the highly favored poster for her and did the favor to take it to Amy who lives in Bovina with her family The Jurassic World poster was donated to Children’s Hope by the local movie theater and is an authentic poster directly from the Cinemark Tinseltown Lubbock & XD theaters. When the idea came about generating funds for the kids to be able to have the experience of brand new jeans or t-shirts that every child deserves the program took off – Spare The Change. Changing how we approach donated items given to the organization will now have a forever memory in each child because now our mentors have some shopping to do with our kids. Many of the children in our program have experienced a great deal of trauma, neglect, and abuse from the adults in their lives. Our staff provides the opportunity for the children to begin to experience caring, loving relationships and the mentoring program continues that education and experience.


Mentoring is a very important part of Children’s Hope. If you are a mentor, you will be able to spend one-on-one-time with a child who is eligible to participate in the program. Mentors develop wonderful relationships with our children and have the opportunity to love them unconditionally and be a positive role model in their life.


You can provide gifts for the children, throw parties and invite them to events at your church. If you are interested in being a mentor, contact the administrator at the campus where you would like to volunteer. If you or a group of people have the opportunity to donate remember Spare The Change. Individuals buying these gently used items are helping children come to know the love of a family through donations.