“A Home Away from Home”

The Children’s Hope/Grace Manor/Ashley Furniture Hope for Recovery Furniture Drive

It is an absolutely beautiful gesture when community leaders step up to assist individuals struggling to overcome personal and social crisis. This is the case with the Hope for Recovery Furniture Drive between Children’s Hope/Grace Manor and Ashley Furniture. We at Children’s Hope/Grace Manor are so grateful and blessed to be a part of a community partnership that cares about individuals struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction. As a 501 c3 non-profit organization, we need all the assistance we can get from community leaders for the care of individuals struggling. From the children and teen populations that we serve in our Foster Care programs at Children’s Hope Residential Services to our newly expanding Adult and Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Grace Manor, we are always in need of caring organizations that go the extra mile to support our mission and cause. Ashley Furniture Home Store is one of these organizations. With the Hope for Recovery Furniture Drive, Ashley has donated an interior design plan of action to outfit our alcohol and drug treatment center, Grace Manor, with furnishings and decorations that will offer a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for those that are struggling to overcome addiction. This interior design donation is of paramount importance for our treatment facility in that fact that it will allow clients to experience the comfort of a more tranquil atmosphere while dealing with the substance abuse recovery process. From the bottom of our hearts at Children’s Hope/Grace Manor, we deeply thank the Ashley Furniture Home Store team for this truly amazing donation gift to enhance the overall well-being of those struggling to overcome the harsh realities of addiction. It is partners and community leaders like Ashley Furniture that, without question, assist in changing lives for the better. We are proud and truly blessed that they have provided their talents and creativity to this Hope for Recovery Furniture Drive program, and we look forward to a long relationship going forward.

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