The definition of Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, and we at Children’s Hope of Lubbock believe that Hope is the key element in guiding a child through the difficult recovery of abuse and neglect. We strive to insert Hope in the hearts of each child that is placed with us and give them a sense of dignity that they can rise above any obstacle. One obstacle that our children face is the harsh reality of leaving their environment and coming to us with only a trash bag to carry their belongings. Quite simply, we at Children’s Hope of Lubbock will never let this be the case. A child in our system will no longer be subject to this situation. We will help them soar above this obstacle and provide them the expectation and desire for a better life. They can rest with a sense of pride that no longer will they be subject to the use of a trash bag, but a new bag filled with Hope and love.