Our Washington campus in Levelland, Texas launched their 1st Annual Children’s Hope “Keep the Pot Hot” bell-ringing alongside The Salvation Army. This exciting new tradition was held at the Walmart location this year. Throughout the year we provided activities for our children to help give to others. The Assistant Administrator from the Washington campus Sonia Garza stated: “We also like to provide them with a wider view of the world and how they can make an impact.”

According to the Salvation Army website, in just two hours of ringing, volunteers can raise enough money to provide a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four. Through this joyful event, our kids will have created wonderful memories – those stories told, will spread love and joy wherever they are heard. Children’s hope residential services aim to continue this beautiful tradition, volunteers are welcome to begin the application process at our corporate office in Lubbock, Texas: 2526 82nd Street Suite A.