On Saturday, October 24th, the 1st Annual Hub City Hangout was hosted in order to benefit Children’s Hope of Lubbock. Hub City Hangout was a charity car, bike, and truck show hosted in Mackenzie Park. Complete with a drive through parade on the evening of Friday, October 23rd, live music, raffles, food trucks, and more, the Hub City Hangout raised over $4000, all of it benefiting Children’s Hope. The 1st Annual Hub City Hangout was a huge success and came at a time when much in our world is uncertain and scary. Like the majority of the world, Children’s Hope underwent some quick and drastic changes to the way we operate when the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic hit Lubbock in mid-March. This has been a strange time of learning new ways to adapt and provide for our organization when our normal ways of raising money and fundraising events were canceled.


The Hub City Hangout brought in $4,545 to go toward Children’s Hope Residential Services. We are so thankful for all who came out to support us and got to see some amazing automobiles in the process! The turnout was incredible, and there were some amazing automobiles that won builder awards. Lubbock is truly a special place to live with special people, and the people of Lubbock stepped up for Children’s Hope during this crazy pandemic. Children’s Hope would like to thank our sponsors:

  • Roof Wise
  • Kenaday Detail
  • Tint Tech
  • Bobby Davidson
  • West Texas Pools
  • Mario’s Trim Shop
  • Edge Roofing
  • Hub City Batteries
  • Premier Polishing
  • US Richcart
  • Stone Crown
  • California T’s
  • Blue Light Live
  • Alan Bownds (Chances R) (Texas Spoon)
  • Lubbock Triple B Roofing
  • Joe De La Cerda
  • Julian 7 Series
  • Deluxe Details
  • Western Title
  • Rene Pesina Plumbing
  • CT Customs
  • Fireplaces Unlimited
  • Bearden Tools
  • Mirror Entertainment
  • 2U Auto Accessories
  • Hartman Roofing

We would also like to thank the food trucks who came to Mackenzie Park:

  • Pie’s Barbeque
  • Red’s Fruit Cups
  • Tony Lucero
  • River Smith’s

Children’s Hope is thrilled with the turnout and is so grateful to the community for showing up and supporting us during these unprecedented times!