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Children’s Hope Residential Services, Inc. offers 24-hour care at three different residential treatment centers.  At each center, a Treatment Team consisting of therapists, case managers, administrative staff, and direct care counselors provide services to ensure the children at Children’s Hope are taken care of and have the opportunity to process the trauma that they have experienced while living in a safe environment..  Some of the skills taught and services provided might come as a surprise, however due to the severe neglect and abuse they have suffered, many of the children have not been taught even the simplest of things such as brushing their teeth and basic personal hygiene.

Individualized treatment plans are developed for each child during their stay at Children’s Hope.  Emphasis is placed on allowing each child the opportunity to work through the trauma they have experienced while engaging each child in therapeutic programming and participation in their community.  Each child that lives at Children’s Hope participates in therapeutic programming to teach them basic skills and to help them develop healthy relationships with their caregivers and peers.

Programming includes such things as:

  • Participation in daily living skills such as hygiene and chores
  • School
  • Therapeutic art
  • Study time
  • Educational activities
  • Physical education
  • Recreation
  • Individual counseling and therapy
  • Individualized therapeutic activities in the community
  • Therapeutic groups


  • Daily Living Groups that cover a wide range of topics including self-esteem, bullying, healthy relationships
  • Treatment journals
  • Daily reflections with staff about their progress and their goals
  • Mentoring by community volunteers
  • Spiritual growth including attendance at Church
  • Letter writing to loved ones
  • Story time
  • Daily accomplishments and praise activities
  • Preparation for adult living

For more information about admission into the Residential Treatment program, contact Children’s Hope.

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