successJohn and Grace were born to parents who sexually abused and neglected them.  They grew up in a home where trash, urine and feces were part of the décor.  Food was scarce and when it was available the children were forced to fight like animals for it.

The nightmare came to light after a small child living in their neighborhood made an outcry against their father, claiming he had sexually abused her.  After being interviewed by CPS, John and Grace disclosed that he was sexually abusing them as well.  

The children were immediately removed and placed into a foster home.  They were unable to function normally because of the trauma the sexual abuse had caused both of them.  Their behaviors were impossible to bear by the foster parents and the children were separated and sent to different treatment facilities.  The bond that they shared was far too strong, and both were unable to focus on their treatment without the support from the other.  

Both children were placed at Children’s Hope.  While here, they were able to work through the horrible pain their parents had inflicted on them.  They were also able to understand what a safe relationship with an adult was.  It was a struggle to talk about their story but with time, both were able to disclose the details of their horrible childhood.  They were also able to bring another criminal to justice; their mom. They disclosed their mom was an active participant in their abuse as well.

At the time when the abuse from their mother came to light she was pregnant with another child. Their testimony was able to protect their younger sibling from their horrible fate as CPS removed him upon birth.  Their father is currently serving 3 life sentences in prison and their mom is currently awaiting a trial where she has been charged with 2 counts of sexual assault of a child.  

Both children successfully graduated from our program and were placed in a foster home together. They have been very successful and are able to function as normal children enjoying their childhood. Both now are able to connect with adults without fear of being abused.  John and Grace are a success for our family at Children’s Hope and encourage all of us to keep working for the children that we are blessed with now.